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Established 1996
Wednesday 20 November 2019


CIR and IBM present three research papers that explore the theme of technology and resilience. Guiding you through the case for resilience – and the resources required to convince others – the latest developments in cloud technology and how to plan for the future of business in a technology driven environment, these assets provide an insight into how the next challenges can be met.

With a history that reaches back to the dawn of computing, and the world renown research and expertise of IBM available, these papers draw on the questions that IBM have been asked globally to create a suite of knowledge. The titles presented here are:

1. Building the case for Resiliency
2. Using the cloud to improve Resilience
3. Enhancing BCM to help address changing business realities

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  Building the case for Resiliency
  Using the cloud to improve Resilience
  Enhancing BCM to help address changing business realities