BOOK: Business Trends in Practice, by Bernard Marr

Business Trends in Practice: The 25+ Trends That are Redefining Organizations
Bernard Marr, Wiley, 2022

Transformation and disruption are increasingly persistent themes in these pages, and change appears to be happening faster and more furiously than ever before. As Bernard Marr writes in his book Business Trends in Practice: The 25+ Trends That Are Redefining Organizations, the last ten years alone have seen the introduction of numerous groundbreaking new trends that pose novel opportunities and challenges for leaders in all industries – and will at the same time profoundly alter risk profiles and dynamics.

As well as being a renowned futurist, recognised speaker and business strategist, and adviser to global companies and governments around the globe, Bernard Marr is a best-selling author, and frequent contributor to Forbes, writing regularly on artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain.

With his latest book, Marr seeks to help readers stay one step ahead of all this change with this high-level review of the most impactful and disruptive emerging business trends, breaking down the forces underlying these rapidly advancing changes, and their impact on a variety of sectors.

Marr starts by examining the key five global shifts that will shape the organisations of the future, before exploring the 10 tech mega-trends every business leader should know about – regardless of the industry in which they operate.

Key sectors and their impact on business are then tackled, starting with the three trends transforming the energy sector; the seven trends shaping healthcare; the two main shifts in education; and the innovations needed to transform agriculture.

A brilliant chapter on change in the way we make and build hings explores the 11 big trends to watch across manufacturing and construction; and how we move people and goods is then put under the microscope as Marr considers the three trends revolutionising transportation. The four shifts that will shape he financial sector round out Part 2 of this fascinating book.
Part 3 considers how businesses might rethink what they have to offer, while Part 4 looks at how businesses of the future are run. This is where most of the practical resilience-related material can be found.

For practitioners looking for realistic scenarios against which to exercise their firms’ resilience in the future, Business Trends in Practice is sure to inspire.

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