New digital hub launched to help tackle climate challenges

Researchers led by the University of Manchester will work with the Natural Environment Research Council and other partners including the Data and Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure to create a digital hub to enable organisations to respond better to climate change and to improve public health.

The programme is being funded by NERC, part of UK Research and Innovation, and led by Richard Kingston, professor of Urban Planning, at the University of Manchester.

He said: “We are really excited to be embarking on this hugely important programme of work with NERC at a time when decisions about our natural and built environment are crucial to the future of the UK. This is a fantastic project which recognises the depth of expertise we have at the University of Manchester.

“Our team will be working with key decision makers across the public sector and industry. This is to ensure they have access to cross-sectional data which enables a much greater understanding of environmental, social, economic and health matters.

“Over the next four years the hub will benefit society by improving decision makers’ ability to make informed decisions through the integration of data that has benefits for the future prosperity of the UK.”

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