BOOK: Robertson’s Insurance Principles for Leasehold Flats, by Paul Robertson

Robertson’s Insurance Principles for Leasehold Flats
Paul Robertson, 2019

Among the least thrilling book titles ever imagined, this has to be a contender. But then again it isn’t there to compete with Ian Fleming; it is there to do a job, and a job it does – in detail and with insight and authority. It is thorough, laying out the explanations in simple, understandable English (rather than the esoteric legalese that dominates so much of modern life and of which insurance policies are consistently accused) and provides the legal frameworks from which all property-related insurances hang. In some ways it is a good introduction to insurance in general, and certainly would serve as a textbook.

The dense law and insurance concepts are interspersed with digressions into the history of insurance that serve not only to give a historical colour to the text but also underpin the foundations of insurance. Snippets of information grant a more holistic view of insurance – the way in which value, risk and past legal cases create the interrelated covers and duties is one such example.

Robertson’s useful guide also includes some great sections on the myths that exist in property, examples in calculating value, a glossary and a case law reference section.

In the end, the book is really about one thing and leaves little unsaid on that topic. If your business has need of information on insurance for leasehold flats, this is likely to be the only book you will ever need.

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