Fusion introduces free online Pandemic Readiness Toolkit

Business continuity and risk management software and services provider, Fusion Risk Management has launched its Pandemic Readiness Toolkit to provide timely, critical and reputable data, insights, and resources to help ensure organisational resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The free toolkit is designed for business continuity and risk managers, emergency planners, HR managers, legal officers, and others on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Organisations around the globe realise COVID-19 represents one of the greatest threats to business continuity in recent times, and recognise that fast, seamless access to current and accurate information is vital to drive thoughtful and effective response,” said Bob Sibik, senior vice-president and co-founder of Fusion.

“This is the time for the organisational resilience community to unite and help colleagues, clients, and partners navigate these trying times. Fusion is proud to lead the charge in providing these freely available resources for business continuity and risk managers, practitioners, and our global neighbours who need help managing the current crisis. This Toolkit will also help businesses ensure they are ready to handle future scenarios by giving them the visibility and information to make better business decisions and manage their business resilience on an ongoing basis.”

This resource is available at https://www.pandemicreadinesstoolkit.fusionrm.com

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