Brexit Secretary signs order to end EU law in UK

The government has signed into law legislation to repeal the Act of Parliament which concreted Britain’s EU membership in 1972. The repeal of the Act confirms the pending return of lawmaking powers from Brussels to the UK, and will take effect when Britain formally leaves the bloc on 31st October 2019.

Secretary of State for Exiting the EU Steve Barclay said this is a clear signal to the people of this country that there is no turning back. “We are leaving the EU as promised on October 31, whatever the circumstances – delivering on the instructions given to us in 2016,” he said. “The votes of 17.4 million people deciding to leave the EU is the greatest democratic mandate ever given to any UK Government. Politicians cannot choose which public votes they wish to respect. Parliament has already voted to leave on 31 October. The signing of this legislation ensures that the EU Withdrawal Act will repeal the European Communities Act 1972 on exit day.”

With the outcome of ongoing talks still unclear, organisations lagging behind with no-deal preparations are advised to identify and address any shortfalls.

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