Zurich boosts corporate travel insurance offering

Zurich Insurance has expanded its business travel offering through broader insurance coverage, a larger international servicing network, and new technological capabilities to support both travellers and risk managers.

Zurich Business Travel Solution features a mobile app with country-specific risk information and geolocation alerts for business travellers, and a comprehensive travel portal for risk managers. It also offers guidelines for travel managers on how to implement a sustainable business travel agenda, a simplified CO2 emission self-assessment calculator.

“COVID-19 demonstrated how quickly a localised risk can become a global crisis affecting not just business travellers and employees but the global population," said Drazen Jaksic, global head of accident and health, Zurich. "Although the pandemic has significantly reduced business travel for now, it is slowly re-starting as companies in some industries have to look after their assets, equipment and customers abroad and deliver on projects.

“Implementing a multinational business travel solution is now more important than ever as it can help prevent employees from being harmed and protect the business from the financial consequences. It also gives companies and their employees the knowledge that, as business travel returns, the safety and well-being of all employees is at the forefront of business and travel decisions.”

Listen to CIR's recent podcast on employee health, well-being and security amid COVID-19, featuring the experts from International SOS.

Image courtesy Zurich

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