Brexit, Round 8: Govt steps up no-deal preparations

The Government has stepped up preparations for a no deal outcome to protracted Brexit negotiations, in what is expected to be a pivotal week for the ongoing talks.

The UK will be leaving the EU’s customs union and single market on 31st December 2020, regardless of the outcome of negotiations, and this new campaign aims to outline some of the steps UK businesses need to take to in order to make the most of opportunities outside the EU.

It will also be advising EU traders on how they may continue trading smoothly with the UK after the end of the year.

Trade minister Greg Hands said preparations for the end of the transition period were well underway and this campaign will help keep business moving at the end of the year.

"As we have always been clear, we want to reach a Canada-style trade agreement with the EU and that remains our ambition. However, the transition period is ending on 31st December and this will bring changes regardless of the final terms of our trade relationship.

"We are supporting businesses by launching this campaign to help them prepare over the coming weeks and months for changes in January, ensuring that businesses in both the UK and the EU can continue to operate smoothly in a new trading environment.

Trade commissioner for Europe, Richard Burn added: "The teams on the ground in our Embassies across Europe will work closely with our European partners, companies and business associations to ensure they have all the information they need to continue trading smoothly beyond the end of the transition period.

"This new campaign will ensure EU businesses have the necessary practical information to succeed beyond 31st December 2020."

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, this will be the eighth round of negotiations. State aid and fisheries continue to be the key sticking points.

In detail: Keep business moving (Source: UK Government)

From 1st January 2021 the process for importing and exporting goods will change

Detailed advice on how to continue to import goods from the EU can be found here:

For advice on exporting goods to the EU, click here:

More information on the transition:

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