VIEW: On achieving success amid disruption

Disruption is the new norm. This was true before the COVID-19 pandemic and will be exacerbated as businesses seek to reinvent themselves after lockdowns. This context creates new risks and new opportunities, and demands a shift in emphasis for the risk professional to ensure they are better aligned with business priorities, be fit for the future professionally, and be more effective in stakeholder engagement. If risk professionals can acquire the right balance of contemporary knowledge and skills, this will create a huge opportunity for them to increase their level of influence in their organisations in the post-COVID-19 world.

In a survey this year, Airmic members rated the need for different knowledge and skills, coupled with an increase in authority and more flexible working, as the greatest changes to their jobs over the last four years. Digital literacy, a creative mindset and negotiating and influencing were considered the most important skills for the future. Those who can combine these will be best positioned to support their organisation in today’s dynamic environment and achieve personal professional success.

In response to these findings, Airmic developed a competency framework to help risk professionals navigate their career and personal development in the midst of such seismic shifts. It provides a structure that describes and defines the competencies required by individuals in any risk management role and sets performance benchmarks which can be used to identify knowledge and skills gaps.

If we thought change was happening quickly last year, the pace of change has gone stratospheric since then. Working behaviour, business priorities and the use of technology have been turned on their head since the pandemic began and while some normality will return, we must prepare for a different world.

Airmic’s framework is dynamic and will need to be refreshed in synchronisation with the changes in the context our members are grappling with. It has never been more important for risk professionals to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to be clear on how they can add most value.

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