Counter-terrorism app reaches 10K users

More than 10,000 security specialists and workers in crowded places have subscribed to the Action Counters Terrorism application for business. The ACT App shares invaluable real-time information direct from Counter Terrorism Policing.

The app was most recently used last weekend following the tragic terrorism incident in Reading. The tool saw a significant spike in users across the weekend, with thousands of people located in 16 different countries using it to access the latest CTP information.

Detective chief inspector Steve McGrath, head of information, capability, and business engagement at NaCTSO said: "I am sure everyone will have been shocked and saddened when they learned the dreadful details of the incident in Forbury Gardens last weekend.

"But as everyone who has responsibility for security will know, in the aftermath of a major incident there is a need for clear, accurate and trustworthy information about what has happened and the wider implications for the UK – and our ACT App subscribers are some of the first people to receive that.

"Our users received instant message updates direct from Counter Terrorism Policing’s experts throughout the weekend, as well as receiving a message from the Head of Counter Terrorism Policing, Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu."

Launched in March, the ACT app is free for businesses and has been developed in partnership with industry specialists and CIR Award-winning teams at Marks and Spencer and Highfield eLearning.

DCI McGrath added: "With lockdown restriction easing, businesses everywhere will be getting ready to get back to work or increase their activity. We are urging them to all to put security high on their agenda as the threat has sadly not gone away.

"We want everyone to feel that they have a role to play in national security and making the UK a hostile place for terrorists to operate.

"For me the ACT app is a further example of how collaboration and integration between police and the private sector can enhance national security and collectively work to make all communities safer."

The app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Users should then email to request a username and password.

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