NFU Mutual launches free cyber helpline

Further to warnings from the National Crime Agency around coronavirus-related cyber exploitation schemes, commercial insurer, NFU Mutual has today launched a free three-month cyber helpline service.

Delivered by CyberScout, the free helpline will run until the 30th September. The service aims to provide additional support to small business and small farm customers facing increased cyber vulnerability during the coronavirus crisis.

Eligible customers will benefit from free access to a 24/7 cyber incident advice helpline.
CyberScout’s advisers will coach customers through the latest methods of protection from criminals, as well as being at the end of the line in the event of an attack to manage the process and limit damage.

The service offers both proactive advice and response to issues, such as extortion, privacy breaches, liability, crime and data or system restore.

Zoe Knight, commercial propositions manager at NFU Mutual, said: “Small business owners are facing an increase in cyber-attacks and online scams. Business premises and systems are usually secure or ‘trusted’, but with more people working from home and on new devices, the potential of cyber security risks for businesses has grown.

“We have launched this free service in direct response to the increased exposure our commercial customers are facing. Brazen criminals are adopting more and more sophisticated approaches to exploit fear and uncertainty as they look to reap rewards from the current crisis.

“Any business can fall victim to cyber crime, and our customers told us that they weren’t sure who to turn to in the event of an attack. With unlimited support now available to our small business and small farm customers 24/7, we hope we can help businesses work virtually with more confidence.”

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