Everbridge unveils COVID-19 Return to Work tool

Everbridge has today launched its COVID-19 Return to Work software solution, designed to help organisations navigate the complexity of operating during the return to the workplace – as countries in Europe begin to enter this phase, and the UK mulls a return to work in the coming weeks.

Available now in all markets where Everbridge operates, the new solution helps businesses manage this complex task through real-time risk intelligence, based on 22,000 data sources across 175 countries, tracking virus hotspots, travel restrictions, quarantines, states of emergency, production stoppages and resumptions, and protests and civil unrest.

It draws upon 225 pre-existing, out-of-the-box integrations with such systems as calendaring applications, corporate travel itineraries, building access control and visitor management. It allows over 100 communication modalities, including its mobile app, to communicate with and provide real-time feedback from employees, such as wellness checks. Contact tracing seeks to identify who else has been exposed to the virus and to coordinate isolation and communications.

“The world’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will be complex, staggered and unpredictable,” said chief product officer, Ajay Nigam. “In the meantime, technology, tools and data are available now to protect people as they return to work, get operations going, and to help governments keep their citizens safe in a better and more efficient manner while protecting privacy. The better handle an organisation has on all this complexity, the sooner businesses can return employees to work while governments safely reopen public spaces.”

“As we return to work, it is clear that business is at the forefront of managing the pandemic,” added Nick Allan, CEO at partner consultancy, Control Risks. “To keep people safe and a company operating successfully, any international organisation will require detailed situational awareness to adhere to diverse and shifting guidelines across potentially hundreds of regions.”

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