COVID-19: Origami Risk launches new online solutions

Origami Risk has released several new solutions within its risk management information system to help employers address exposures related to COVID-19, including pandemic mapping, tracking, communication and audits.

The new solutions include GIS tools, featuring publicly-available incident data feeds (such as the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 case map, which can be combined with employer locations to help employers spot locations affected by the crisis for prioritising planning and communication activities.

With the new tool, employers can also quickly configure and conduct custom audits to track health and safety concerns to help project operational impacts across the enterprise. Dedicated portals and online forms enable employers to capture and track critical COVID-19 related data – such as testing statuses, quarantine dates, employee leave notifications, follow-up activity, communication with affected employees and travel exposure – and generate aggregated status reports for management. And finally, employers can prepare checklists and mail-merge communication documents triggered by the location of incidents to ensure the appropriate information (such as that regarding quarantine periods, operational and work impacts, travel exposures and related matters) is shared with specific individuals on a timely basis. They can also collect and store contact details for all locations, as well as key vendors, business partners, customers and other stakeholders.

“As the COVID-19 crisis has spread globally, our client teams have been working closely with individual clients to build new solutions that help address the many ways the virus is impacting business operations and employee health and safety,” said Earne Bentley, president, Risk Solutions at Origami Risk. “These solutions result from our ongoing collaboration with each of our clients to make configurations and build new functionality that meets their emerging needs.”

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