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Established 1996
Friday 18 January 2019

2017 Business Continuity Software Report

Product Summary

Click to compare selected entries ClearView[alive-IT]AssuranceCMBusiness ProtectorCatalystCobaltCrises ControlCrisis CommanderFrontline LiveFusion Framework Continuity Risk Management SystemInoni ProLogicManagerParaSolutionPDRWEBRealBCP / RealDPGRPXRVR ParadShadow-PlannerTheOneView
Plan navigator-
Dependency mapping-
Graphical call list-----
Location resource manager--
Recovery site layout planning------
Reports - preformatted-
Reports - own build----
Process modelling capabilities---
Technology modelling-----
'What if' analysis------
Data collector-
Automatic analysis---
Simulation capability----
Dynamic updating from database-
Education and training--
Test and exercise-
Test scripting----
Dynamic incident management---
Dynamic question setting/reviews--
RTO/RPO desired/actual analysis
Standards compliance
Integrates with GIS mapping-----
Integrates with HR system, Active Directory or other--
Workflow management with email alerts and reporting
Multi-language capability - interface--
Multi-language capability - user data---
User roles and groups-
Document update management
Comprehensive audit trails
Mobile device support--
Templates available
Change control and tracking
Screen customisation-
24/7 live support-----
Internal search engine-
Charts, reports, graphs
Personal filter---
Drag and drop-----
Mobile app for offline viewing-------
Integrates with EMN software-------
Remote hosting-----
SaaS option