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Friday 01 July 2016


Study reveals cyber response behaviours among BC professionals

Research carried out into the causes of, and responses to, the persistent threat of cyber attack has found some worrying trends in how companies respond to such incidents, including how quickly -- or more to the point slowly -- they take action after an incident has occurred. The Business Continuity Institute’s research is based on a survey of 369 business continuity professionals from across the globe.

Brexit: CBI urges swift action to minimise business uncertainty

Business group, the CBI has called for strong, calm and decisive leadership as priorities post-EU referendum. While the majority of businesses did not want to leave the European Union, director-general of the CBI, Carolyn Fairbairn said business leaders are determined to work with government to create the right conditions and face upcoming challenges.

UK leaves EU: What next for the insurance market?

Lloyd’s of London has mirrored the forward-looking reaction of the International Underwriting Association following the UK’s decision to leave the EU. In a statement, Lloyd’s chairman John Nelson, assured of the buoyancy of the London Market. “I am confident that Lloyd’s will stay at the centre of the global specialist insurance and reinsurance sector, and I look forward to continuing our valuable relationship with our European partners.”

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Terrorist attack at Istanbul airport

At least 36 people were killed and dozens more wounded following a terrorist attack at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul in Turkey last night. Three assailants arrived at the airport terminal in taxis and initiated a gunfight with the security personnel before detonating explosive suicide belts.

Academics criticise reliability of UK disclosure rules

New UK disclosure rules did not curb CEO pay or improve pay-performance link, but instead led to "opportunistic reporting" for reputation management, according to a new academic study.

London insurance market ‘resilient’, as UK votes to leave EU

The London insurance market is resilient and well-positioned to respond to the result of the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, the International Underwriting Association (IUA) has stated.

-Industry is “experienced in responding to change”
-Companies will now be considering their own individual responses
-Insurance is almost by definition an international business

UK leaves EU: Political risk commentary

British voters have overthrown not just Britain’s relationship with its European neighbours but the established political order in the UK, and, potentially, Europe, says director at UK-based think-tank, Chatham House, Dr Robin Niblett. “The politicians who will lead the UK out of the EU must guard against allowing a yawning gap to emerge between their political rhetoric and the realities facing Britain outside,” he said, adding that those who promised to the British people that leaving the EU would let them ‘take back control’ are now expected to deliver on that promise.

UK leaves EU: CBI confident businesses will adapt

The British people’s vote to leave the EU is a “momentous turning point in our history”, according to CBI, director-general, Carolyn Fairbairn. “The country has spoken and it’s for us all to listen. Many businesses will be concerned and need time to assess the implications. But they are used to dealing with challenge and change and we should be confident they will adapt.”

Business resilience
Business resilience

CIR speaks to FM Global’s Simon Baker-Chambers about business resilience in the waste-to-energy sector

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