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Established 1996
Monday 10 December 2018

2017 Risk Software Report

Product Summary

Click to compare selected entries BWiseActive Risk ManagerCalQRiskCovalentFigtree SystemsHawkSight SoftwareJCAD COREJCAD LACHSMaclear eGRC SuiteMagique GalileoMarsh ClearSightMetricStream Risk Management SolutionOrigami RiskPredict!QuantateRiskonnect Integrated Risk Management Solutions (Riskonnect RMIS, EHS, GRC and Healthcare)RiskSense PlatformSTREAMSynergi Life The riskHive Enterprise Risk ManagerTHESIS BowtieVentivWebrisk
Full process analysis hierarchy----
Full process escalation hierarchy-----
Objectives hierarchy-----
Organisational hierarchy--
Asset hierarchy--
Financial accounts hierarchy---------
Expand and collapse hierarchy----
Audit findings--
Scalable and tested to 100 users-
Scalable and tested to 1,000 users---
Scalable and tested to 10,000 users-------
Context sensitive help---
Screen customisation-
Search and filter
Roll-forward capability-------
Multi currency------
Multi language--------
Web application---
Web service API-------
Synchronisation with active directory-
Integration with MS Office-
Integration with enterprise reporting systems--
Integration with collaboration tools--
Ability to install software on users own IT infrastructure-----
Support for offline working and synchronisation-------------
Hosted option / SaaS-
Mobile capability: Add / update claims-----------
Mobile capability: Manage tasks / activities-----
Mobile capability: View reports / dashboards----
User security clearance---
Technical support / service desk 24/7-------
Data management-
Load historic data
Consolidating data from external sources--
COPE data management------------
Deliver secure content----
Integrated document scanning--------------
Integrated electronic signature---------------
Social Collaboration & Networking---------------
Compatable with All Web Browsers without plug ins----
Fully accessible via smartphone / tablet---
Major functional areas-----------------------
Incident reporting----
Standard reports--
Business Intelligence reports----
Location / Assets--
Internal audit-------
Premium calculation and allocations------------
Renewal data collection-------------
Track & service recommendations – property and real estate---------------
Health & safety hazards----
Governance, risk and compliance---
Vendor management----------
Risk Identification-----------------------
BCM Knowledge base-----------
Issues, losses and risks-----
Custom IDs-----
Risk quantification-
Risk comments-
Linked documents-
Loss and accident identification-----
Linking losses to risk-----
Multiple risk types---
Risk linkage--
Risk review process--
Risk approval----
Risk surveys----
Control surveys------
Risk Assessment-----------------------
Risk matrix--
Qualitative assessment---
Quantitative assessment---
Gross, Residual, Target----
Financial years modelling------------
Multiple risk impacts for single risks----
Risk aggregation-----
Relationship matrices--------
Risk mitigation-----------------------
Control assessment – qualitative and quantitative--
Provision management-------------
Plans linked to multiple risks------
Linked actions to multiple plans------
Compliance auditing----
Certificate management – medical trials----------------
Certification for projects--------------
Analysis & Reporting-----------------------
Multiple application reporting------
Probability vs. impact impact diagram------
Monte Carlo simulation-----------------
Sensitivity analysis---------------
Provision management-------------
Schedules reporting----
Data driven reporting---
Ad hoc reporting--
Automated email report distribution----
Risk adjusted balanced score cards----------
Risk adjusted GANT chart-------------
Bayesian analysis--------------------
User-defined dashboards-----
Integration with business intelligence reporting tools---
Automatic alerts---
Ability to combine data from all modules within a single report--
Ability to combine data from all modules within a single dashboard----
Ability to meet user reporting needs without the need from custom reports----
Integration with geospatial analytics-----------
Automatic alerts based on the proximity and severity of external events to locations-------------
Mapping capabilities------
Drill up / down / through reporting-
Download to Word----
Download to Powerpoint--------
Export to Excel-
Incident management-----------------------
Web-based incident reporting-------
Convert incidents to claims----------
Forward and automatically attach emails to the system--------------
Automated incident investigation and escalation---------
Data conversion and consolidation services-------------
Anonymous / third party incident reporting--------
Claims management-----------------------
Full claims administration---------------
Dashboards for tracking claims metrics and KPIs-----------
RIDDOR / CRU1 Reporting-------------
External claims benchmarking-------------------
Forward and automatically attach emails to the system--------------
Data conversion and consolidation services-------------
Managing financials through programme structure----------------
Claim audits------------
Policy and premium management & Premium allocation-----------------------
Insurance knowledge base--------------------
Policy programme functionality---------------
Policy erosion----------------
Allocation of premiums based on exposure values and loss experience----------------
Tracking of covered locations and perils--------------
Ability to report on premiums by insurer, broker or business unit-------------
Captives support--------------
Ability to report on exposure by insurer and insurer ratings--------------
Ability to map insurance programme--------------
Ability to diagram policy erosion-----------------
Renewal data---------------
Ability to customise renewal questionnaires---------------
Automated data validation against previously submitted values---------------
Automatic reminders for unsubmitted values----------------
Predefined report templates for renewal data consolidation----------------