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Saturday 21 July 2018


IT departments failing to keep up with digital demands

Written by staff reporter

Complexity, lack of time, and a skills shortage mean that UK IT departments are failing to meet business expectations for digital technology. This is according to research from Sungard Availability Services that suggests IT decision makers in the UK are struggling to keep up with the increased digital demands placed upon them by employees and business leaders.

The research highlights how high expectations are when it comes to today's digital drive, with 79% of UK IT departments stating that digital adoption is critical in remaining competitive within their industry. UK employees are also demanding more digital technologies, claiming it makes their jobs easier (63%), and enables them to develop new skills (59%).

But despite over half of UK workers believing that their IT team is critical in delivering this digital drive, over a third are concerned that their organisation is falling behind the competition. Consequently, half of IT decision makers believe the speed of digital transformation is not meeting office workers’ expectations while the same number feel they are behind on management demands.

These demands and expectations mean IT departments are now struggling to control their technology. Half of IT decision makers in the UK feel like they lack the skills to integrate new systems into their legacy estate, whilst 43% feel that they do not have enough time to dedicate towards digital transformation. Nearly four in ten (37%) also felt that they were too focused on maintaining legacy systems rather than deploying new digital technologies.

The research, which was conducted across the UK, US, France, Sweden and Ireland, also highlights an interesting geographical split when it came to the biggest “soft skill” barriers to digital adoption. In the UK and France, understanding the business benefits of digital was the biggest obstacle to successfully deploying these kinds of technologies, whereas businesses from the US, Ireland and Sweden stated that communicating the benefits of digital transformation to senior leadership was their biggest hindrance.

“Adoption of the latest digital technologies is vital in remaining competitive, so if IT fails to deliver, the impact will be felt across the entire organisation.” said Keith Tilley, executive vice-president, global sales & customer services management at Sungard Availability Services. “When implemented correctly, IT can be a powerful force for competitive advantage whether it’s increasing both business and employee productivity, or increasing staff retention – not to mention improving a company’s bottom line.”

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