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Friday 18 January 2019

2016 E&MN Software Report

Product Summary

Click to compare selected entries Everbridge PlatformAdvantageAlert CascadeCrises Controle.NotifyEmergencyCallFACT24FlareHipLink SoftwarePublic Safety solutionSend Word NowSend Word Now and SWN DirectX-on Alert 4xMatters
Key functions--------------
Incident standard operating process control---
Document storage - proprietary-----
Document storage - through third party---------
Document plan management - proprietary-------
Document plan management - through third party-------
Location based services--
Customisable user filters---
Customisable mapping----
Customisable per user dashboard views with widget options------
Link external feed (eg. RSS) to dashboard and/or devices--------------
Permissionable templated forms for data capture and send---
Crisis lines------
Two-way crisis lines------
Conference call----
Add additional people during call----
Auto SMS/email with dial-in for missed recipients---
Bridging to third party conference call------
Text to speech-
Live voice broadcast---
Plain text email-
HTML email--
Email with attachments---
Desktop alerts--
Radio pager---
Social media----
Customisable content according to medium (ie. SMS/email)--
One click message templates--
Smart insert of data in message fields based on form selections---
Scenario based messaging template-
Checklist-based message templates---
Audit & Reporting--------------
Real time message audit
Field validation--
On line performance and data reports
Exportable PDF reports-
Graphical statistics--
Downloadable monthly management reports-
Customisable reporting and views-
Text based templates---
Voice based templates-----
Free text content response---
Unlimited customisable responses----
Response wording different per medium i.e. SMS, email-----
Reply via hyperlink on email---
Technical, security, support--------------
24/7 helpdesk-
Multilingual capabilities--
Selection of global time zones per user---
Customisable languages---
IP ownership - company owned--
Shared communication capacity--
Customer dedicated capacity----
Interface with third party products-
Integrate message sending through third party----
Integrate contact data updates through third party systems--
Administration access rights limited by user profile--
Restriction of products by administration rights--
Delivery by SaaS---
Delivery by software installation---------
System accessible through smartphone--
Native smartphone application----
Multiple geographically disparate datacentres--
Integration for data load---
Mobile Functionality--------------
Accessibility through mobile web browsing--
Accessibility through mobile application---
Mobile iOS app----
Mobile Blackberry app------
Mobile Android app----
Send messages through app----
Review delivery reports through app----
Respondee list access via app----
Access templates via app----
Free type message through app----
Create ad hoc groups via app------
Access contact details and user list via app----
Store and use plans-----
Real-time team mapping capability-----
Task allocation and management-----
App based push messaging----
Initiate conference bridging via app----
Reply with attachment from app-------
Mobile SAML for SSO-------
Unified app for sending and receiving-----