Drone regs proposals welcomed by industry

Written by staff reporter

Legislative proposals, due to be finalised in spring 2018, look set to place new responsibilities on owners of drones weighing 250g or more These rules include mandatory registration of the individual and the requirement to take a safety awareness test. The proposed legislation could also see drones banned from flight near airports, or above 400ft, in an effort to reduce unsafe flying. Police may also be given authority to seize and ground drones which may have been used in criminal activity.

The proposals, set out in a statement this week by the Aviation Minister, Baroness Sugg, were welcomed by the Lloyd’s Market Association's Aviation Committee, whose detailed submission to the Department for Transport’s Consultation on the Safe Use of Drones in the UK, called for primary legislation to align the regulation of drone operation with those of manned aircraft.

Chair of the LMA Aviation Committee and Head of Aviation at Faraday Underwriting Limited, Paul Maguire, said: “The implementation of drone-specific legislation is aimed at ensuring common safety standards, thus reducing the risks associated with drones. Regulatory enhancements that trend towards improved safety standards in this market are welcomed by insurers. The LMA Aviation Committee is pleased to see the UK again leading the way with respect to the safe integration of drones into existing airspace and we look forward to working with other aviation authorities and regulators to help align international standards.”

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