BIBA: Insurance industry facing perfect storm

Written by staff reporter

British Insurance Brokers' Association chief Steve White used his opening address at the association's annual conference today to warn the industry to be wary of current turmoil affecting the sector.

Causing most concern domestically are the doubling of Insurance Premium Tax in just 18 months and the threat of more increases to come; the changes to Ogden discount rate for calculating catastrophic injury damages; increasing inflation and decreasing value of sterling and the coming snap election and all that will bring.

Over the horizon, of course is the force of the coming Brexit and the need to find suitable solutions to enable the insurance sector to continue to trade in Europe. Further afield are the noises of protectionism from the new United States government that could reduce the optimism of a US-UK trade deal. These added to domestic turmoil point to the development of a perfect storm of disruption.

White said cost pressures within the industry, economic factors affecting insurance buyers, uncertainty and new competitive threats to the UK insurance market are all possible issues that we have to deal with. "If a few of these storms materialise and hit us at the same time, they could create significant challenges for us,” he explained.

BIBA is actively tracking these matters and continues to campaign for outcomes that are positive for members and their customers.

Discussing the predicted challenges after speaking on stage White added: “Despite these clouds there remains plenty of better weather to look forward to. Our industry remains in a healthy state and continues to make a significant contribution to the UK’s service trading surplus. There are opportunities arising from insurtech, from autonomous vehicles and from the desire to really increase trust in our sector and we will be right behind our members as these opportunities develop.”

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