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Wednesday 18 July 2018


AIG introduces cloud-based motor fleet claims offering

Written by staff reporter

AIG has entered into a partnership with UK software technology provider VUEcloud, to offer customers a cloud-based motor fleet application.

The new service enables policy holders to upload files directly to the cloud, such as photos and video footage from any internet enabled device including smartphones, laptops and dashcams, where AIG can access them instantly.

Head of European Claims at AIG, Steve Agutter, hailed the venture a great step forward in fighting fraudulent claims.

“Images are the most powerful evidence in motor claims, and this new technology brings a number of key benefits. It eliminates the risk of footage being lost in transit, supports early resolution of liability and speeds up response times. This ultimately assists in driving down the cost of claims – good news for our customers.

“With insurance fraud at a record high, reaching £1.32bn in 2014 according to research from the Association of British Insurers, this new technology is a powerful tool in supporting the fight against fraudulent claims.”

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