Utility companies top ‘profiteering’ poll

Written by Mark Evans

Utility companies, football clubs, train companies, television subscription providers and banks are deemed to be making an excessive or unfair profit from British consumers.

This is according to a YouGov poll released by Social Enterprise UK, showing that that two-thirds (67 per cent) of the British public think football clubs are profiteering at the expenses of consumers. They are followed closely by electricity, gas and water companies (61 per cent), and television subscription providers such as Sky, Virgin, BT and Talk Talk (61 per cent). Train companies are believed to be profiteering by 58 per cent of people, followed by banks (53 per cent).

Social Enterprise UK hopes that the results will raise awareness of social enterprise in general and encourage people to use such organisations as Triodos Bank to aid social or environmental missions, such as getting ex-offenders back into work or reducing food waste.

The polling also reveals that while more people living in Scotland, the North and the Midlands than in other parts of the UK think that banks are profiteering at the expense of consumers (55 per cent), more people in Wales than anywhere else think the same of businesses operating in childcare (30 per cent). More people living in the East than anywhere else think that businesses in the food industry (including supermarkets) are making an unfair profit (26 per cent), while more people in the Midlands than anywhere else think the same of insurance companies (57 per cent). A greater number of people living in London than anywhere else in Britain think that train companies are profiteering at the expense of consumers (62 per cent).

And while more people living in the South than anywhere else believe that utility companies are making an excessive profit (64 per cent), more people in the North than anywhere else believe the same of football clubs (71 per cent) and television subscription providers (64 per cent).

Triodos Bank connects individual savers and investors who believe in a fairer, more sustainable world with the social enterprises, charities and businesses that are making it a reality. The bank only lends money to organisations that make a positive difference to people and the planet.

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