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Tuesday 17 July 2018


Schroders launches climate dashboard

Written by Mark Evans

Schroders has launched a ‘climate progress dashboard’ to give investors insight into the progress being made towards meeting the 2C temperature rise target. The dashboard, developed by the Schroders’ Sustainability team, identifies the long-term temperature rise the world is on course for, according to a framework of indicators spanning politics, business, technological progress and energy. According to the dashboard, the indicators are currently predicting a temperature rise of 4C.

Highlighting the disparity in commitments across sectors and indicators, the dashboard shows global political action points to a 3.6C temperature rise, and current oil and gas production running at a level consistent with temperature rises twice that level, exposing the risks that remain in energy companies.

Head of sustainable research at Schroders, Andy Howard, said: “Climate change is a major challenge for the global economy, industries and financial markets. However, too little attention is paid to developing the tools to manage the risks it presents. Understanding the speed of progress and the implications for investment values is critical.”

Schroders’ Sustainability team will update the Climate Progress Dashboard on a quarterly basis, providing a real-time reflection of how successfully the world is moving towards the Paris target.

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