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Monday 22 January 2018


RMS launches new exposure management tool

Written by staff reporter

RMS has released a new exposure analytics solution. Exposure Manager, the first solution to be released on the firm's RMS(one) platform. Developed to give re/insurers and brokers a clearer view of their risk accumulations to better manage volatility, the tool helps provide a consistent view of risk across the organisation.

Eric Yau, general manager, RMS Software business, said: ”I am delighted that our first solution on the RMS(one) platform is now available to the industry. The release of Exposure Manager is a significant milestone in the RMS(one) product roadmap and will be followed next year by our second platform solution Risk Modeler. The need to calculate Exposed Limit in a consistent and credible manner is crucial to our clients’ business, and it’s this capability that sets apart Exposure Manager from all other exposure management tools.”

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