BP pushes cleaner energy

Written by Mark Darvill-Evans

BP expected to offer battery re-charging across its global network of service stations as the company positions itself as a provider of cleaner energy.

Following moves to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK and France – a move likely to be copied elsewhere – and a surge of interest in creating electric cars from manufacturers (Tesla, BMW Mini and Volvo have all recently made announcements), BP is preparing for a ‘post-petrol’ world. By 2030 the demand for fossil fuel for road transport is predicted to have reached a plateau.

BP is likely to use partnerships with manufacturers, given that both can benefit from a wider network of charging, increasing the practicality of using electric vehicles and creating a boost for BP’s services and retail add-ons such as groceries.

The company has long advocated a greater diversity in its energy products, and has made significant investments in solar power previously. Despite the necessity of scaling these ambitions down after the Gulf of Mexico disaster, it remains committed to a move away from fossil fuels – albeit slowly, and with natural gas a major component of the move away from oil.

Recently BP has also expanded its carbon offset portfolio with its Target Neutral voluntary carbon offsetting programme celebrating its 11th year with new projects in India, Peru, China and Mexico using forest conservation, energy efficiency, renewable power and biogas to help balance emissions.

Andrea Abrahams, global director, BP Target Neutral, said: “BP is committed to a lower carbon transition. BP is proud to provide our customers and their businesses with opportunities to not only offset their carbon emissions but also help to bring people out of poverty.”

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