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Saturday 21 July 2018


AIG opens EEA hub, retains UK HQ

Written by staff reporter

AIG has today announced plans to locate an insurance company in Luxembourg to ensure continued smooth operation of its business across the European Economic Area and Switzerland once the UK leaves the European Union.

From 2019, AIG will have two AIG subsidiary insurance companies in Europe – one in the UK to write UK business and one in Luxembourg to write EEA and Swiss business, which will have branches across the EEA and Switzerland. AIG currently writes business in Europe from a single insurance company based in the UK, AIG Europe Limited, which has branches across the EEA and Switzerland.

The UK is AIG’s largest single operation in Europe. AIG will continue to support its European operations from the UK, which is a core market, and where the insurance company has committed to further invest in and grow.

Chief executive of AIG Europe Anthony Baldwin, said: “This is a decisive move that ensures AIG is positioned for whatever form the UK’s exit from the EU ultimately takes. AIG sees opportunity in the ongoing resilience of the UK insurance market. At the same time, we are ensuring that our clients and partners experience no disruption from the UK’s EU exit. Our Luxembourg company will be complementary to our existing structure and will be part of our single European module.”

“Luxembourg, a founding member of the European Union, offers us a secure location in a stable economy with an experienced and well-respected regulator in continental Europe close to many of our major markets.”

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