ICEYE launches four new SAR satellites

ICEYE has launched four new synthetic aperture radar satellites. The launch on SpaceX’s Transporter-9 smallsat rideshare mission via Exolaunch was conducted from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. Each spacecraft has successfully established communications and is undergoing routine early operations.

"This launch and deployment is more than just additional satellites for our constellation; it's a testament to our pursuit of excellence for our technologies in support of our customers,“ said Rafal Modrzewski, CEO and co-founder of ICEYE. “We are fielding a resilient constellation with increased revisit rates and cutting-edge capabilities to meet the high-tempo imagery requirements of our most demanding customers.”

ICEYE has deployed 31 satellites since 2018. The launch of the four third-generation satellites also builds on earlier advancements in imaging capabilities, including Spot Fine mode, which delivers 50 cm native ground resolution and Dwell mode, which uses advanced collection techniques to rapidly determine changes happening on the ground in near real-time.

John Cartwright, head of data product at ICEYE added: "ICEYE customers around the globe have seemingly unending demand for our persistent, high-resolution satellite imaging capacity. Our customers use ICEYE imagery for actionable information and high-confidence decision-making. This is our third satellite launch during 2023, which shows our commitment to building and operating the largest SAR satellite constellation to date.”

Around 70% of the globe is shrouded in clouds, and at any given time about half of the planet is in the dark. SAR satellites illuminate the ground with microwaves and create images from the energy that is reflected back to the satellite.

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