Airmic publishes raft of new guides in a 'new era for risk management'

Airmic has launched a raft of new educational and thought leadership publications at its conference in Liverpool today, including the 2022 Annual Survey, and Explained Guides on general insurance, broker tenders and employee benefits.

The 2022 Airmic Survey is the biggest piece of work produced by the risk and insurance association this year. Entitled Risk and Resilience in a Perfect Storm, the survey explores three themes – cyber, ESG and people – and examines how risk professionals and their organisations are responding to them.

“The Airmic Survey continues to deliver a unique insight into the views of our members of an ever changing risk landscape and a challenging insurance market,” said Hoe-Yeong Loke, head of research at Airmic.

“Unsurprisingly cyber, geopolitical, climate and supply chain threats are top of mind for risk professionals, but diseases and pandemic appear to be lower on members’ agendas.”

An Airmic Guide on cyber risk and insurance, published with McGill and Partners, provides a toolkit for directors to help them understand and keep pace with the ever more complex cyber-related threats faced by the companies they serve.

A whitepaper entitled Building National Resilience: Preparing the UK for Extreme Risks summarises the key points made by Airmic in its submission to the House of Lords Risk Assessment and Risk Planning Committee’s inquiry and subsequent report Preparing for Extreme Risks: Building a Resilient Society (which was published in December 2021).

Claire Coombes, Airmic board member and immediate past chair commented: “The risk professional must be constantly curious and never fearful of having the courage to speak up. However, being well informed builds confidence and being confident builds courage. I am proud to be part of this amazing profession and I hope this report encourages others to travel the path that I am.”

The risk and insurance association has also used its annual conference to launch its new branding, designed to reaffirm the purpose of the association at the start of a journey of investment in new digital platforms.

Julia Graham, CEO, commented: “Airmic has proactively repositioned from being a member association identified with insurance managers to the leading association for risk and insurance professionals. Our members are embracing the opportunities presented by new technologies, they are hungry to stretch and grow their knowledge and skills, and to lean in and assert their position as professionals at the heart of the strategic thinking and direction of their organisation.”

In this new era for risk management, Airmic said membership of the association is blossoming, with growth coming from related professions, including audit and business continuity; as well as academia.

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