Virsec and ProtectedIT in cyber security partnership

Virsec has partnered with ProtectedIT to offer advanced cyber security protection to its customers in the US. With the dramatic rise in cyber attacks, companies are struggling to maintain visibility over critical applications and stop attacks that bypass standard security tools.

Virsec protects applications from the inside against known and unknown zero-day threats. The Virsec Security Platform stops fileless attacks and in-memory threats that escape detection by conventional security tools.

“Virsec’s unique approach to cyber security is a game-changer, protecting against advanced exploits, with unrivalled speed and accuracy. We’re honoured to be a strategic partner with Virsec as we roll out these robust cyber security measures to our clients.” said Damian Ehrlicher, chairman and president of ProtectedIT.

“In today’s hostile security environment, we’re seeing an exponential rise in attacks that target application memory during runtime. Virsec is the only solution that directly addresses this risk to all businesses,” said Vishal Patel, vice-president, enterprise, North America at Virsec.

“We are delighted to partner with ProtectedIT to deliver the next-generation of security and risk management to businesses across the US,” he added.

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