Praedicat’s AI to help Convex identify emerging liability risks

Convex Group is partnering with Praedicat to help it identify, underwrite and manage complex emerging liability risks.

Praedicat’s patented AI technology mines global peer-reviewed scientific literature to identify hazards with the potential to develop into drivers of mass tort litigation before the hazards become major threats.

Convex has licensed CoMeta, Praedicat’s cloud-based emerging risk analytics platform, to enable a highly scaled and forward-looking approach to managing emerging risks and translating risk insights into business decisions to drive sustainable, profitable growth over the long term.

Paul Brand, deputy CEO at Convex, said: “We founded Convex as an innovative and technology-focused company built to insure today’s risks and to anticipate those of tomorrow. We want to make our portfolios resilient to “next asbestos” and other types of future liability catastrophe events by understanding our emerging risk concentrations that could go undetected without the insights that Praedicat’s tools offer. Working with Praedicat helps us to be confident that we are prepared for tail events when they happen, as they inevitably do.”

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