Prioritise cyber security from the get-go, entrepreneurs told

An early emphasis on cyber security will pay dividends for entrepreneurs as start-ups mature, according to cyber risk experts at CyberCube. This is the analytics firm's key message in a new World Economic Forum report published today.

Digital technologies are introducing new vulnerabilities faster than they can be secured and the prospect of curbing cyber attacks diminishes with each additional unsecured technology, it warns.

The goal of the WEF's latest report is to help focus minds on incentivising secure and responsible innovation during this period of rapid technological change and high consumer demand for internet-connected products.

CyberCube suggests that start-ups must consider cyber security as much as they would product development and rapid workforce expansion; it needs to be prioritised and embedded in the business from the get-go.

Head of engineering at the company, Ajay Garg, said: “Security belongs to everyone in an organisation, not just the security team. Everyone handles data and uses passwords so they all have a part to play. Even in their earliest stages, businesses increasingly need to establish a security culture and reinforce it through small, attainable goals.”

Pascal Millaire, CyberCube’s CEO added: “Too often, cyber security is viewed only as an information technology issue for which only IT professionals are responsible. The cyber essentials framework promoted by the World Economic Forum reframes cyber security into a strategic business challenge transcending across organisational, product and governance issues for all entrepreneurs, innovators and their investors.”

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