Guide: Security and arson protection for buildings owners and insurers

Insurers report a significant increase in the frequency and severity of claims for damage and clear up arising from unauthorised occupations of vacant properties. Amid the current COVID-19 crisis, the Fire Protection Association has produced an online guide, exploring the trends and offering guidance for building owners and insurers.

The main areas covered by the guide are the growing challenge of unauthorised occupations, risk assessment and action plans for managers and owners, advance planning advice, actions required should an occupation occur, and those needed to protect the operation and assets going forward.

Jonathan O’Neill, the Fire Protection Association’s managing director says: “The Fire Protection Association published this guide in 2017, as part of our commitment not only to fire protection, but business resilience – and companies, building owners and insurers would be well advised to read it, to help with implementing their COVID-19 crisis plans.”
The guide also includes information on the law and policing.

The Fire Protection Association’s (FPA) report is published by its sister organisation RISCAuthority and can be accessed here:

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