Prepare for claims surge, insurers advised

As the profession faces a surge in claims as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Society of Claims Professionals has published a guide detailing how insurers could establish a 'surge Group', so as to be adequately prepared for surge events and maintain service.

The guide details six activities which must be actioned when handling a dramatic increase in claims activity. These activities are:

Use predictive data wisely.
Manage staff levels appropriately.
Get in the mindset of the customer.
Identify at-risk customers.
Provide accessible and consistent information.
Follow up with a post-surge service.

Non-executive director of the Society of Claims Professionals, Jeremy Trott, said: “The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic took a lot of us by surprise, but it has served as a reminder to the insurance profession that we need to be adequately prepared for the unexpected.

“It is during times of public concern that the role of the insurance profession becomes the most important to the public. It is vitally important that insurers remain in a constant state of preparedness for a surge event so that our clients can be helped as quickly and effectively as possible.”

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