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A completed entry will include:
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2. 1000 Word Submission
3. Company Logo
4. UK contact details



1. Risk Manager of the Year - sponsored by Aon
This award is the hallmark of outstanding performance by the risk management professional who has accomplished most in the past 12 months in reinforcing their organisation’s risk management framework, inspiring their team and offering creative thinking to the risk management community as a whole. Risk professionals in organisations ranging from FTSE 100 blue chips to small and medium-sized enterprises are all potential contenders for this award. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Wes Cadby, J Murphy and Sons

2. Risk Management Champion Award
This award will be presented to the individual deemed to have contributed most to the world of risk management in the opinion of the judges.

Your entry should include:
• Who you are nominating and their position
• Your details (name, job title, contact details)
• Why you have nominated this person and your connection to them
• What this person has done to advance risk management or champion its principles
• Why what they have done is exceptional and beyond the normal
• How this has had a major impact on the sector
• A large, high resolution photograph of your nominee
Enter here

2018 WINNER: Chris Dowen, National MoRiLE Programme, West Midlands Police

3. Newcomer of the Year - sponsored by Aon
This award will be granted to the individual newest to the risk management professional within the last two years. They may be from another discipline, or have just started their career. Entries must be able to demonstrate the impact this individual has had upon risk management within their organisation or the sector. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Bernat Cirera, Corporate Risk Associates

4. Risk Management Team of the Year
This award will mark the best collective achievement in risk mitigation teamwork within an organisation. Contenders will be able to demonstrate that ideas and efforts that individual team members have contributed towards an overall risk initiative. Entries will be accepted from teams of businesses of all size – from SMEs to major multi-nationals. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Coca-Cola HBC


5. Cyber Security Initiative of the Year
For response planning and penetration testing against an ever-growing challenge in keeping one step ahead of hackers and online criminals who are ready to exploit any weak link within IT systems, this award is for the organisation that has devised the most innovative and effective methods of preventing cybercrime and protecting their organisation's assets. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Experian

6. Operational Risk Initiative of the Year
For teams, individuals, consultancies or companies, this category recognises an initiative that has created increased security within financial operations. Both innovation and original thinking will be rewarded. The judges of this category will be drawn from experts, and we acknowledge the potentially sensitive nature of submissions, so beyond the normal NDA we will also allow descriptive rather than technical nominations. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Featurespace

7. Risk Management Programme of the Year
This award is designed to recognise a sustained single programme with risk management at its heart. This might be to reduce accidents within its fleet, manage incidents on a construction project or mitigate exposure to risk in financial transactions. If there is one particular aim of this programme and it can be demonstrated to have achieved results then it is eligible. The judges will seek evidence of success against a clearly defined target.
Enter here
2018 WINNER: Argo Group

8. Cross Border Risk Management Award
This award will be presented to the organisation that can demonstrate how it has built a risk management function capable of operating across multiple business and legal jurisdictions that are geographically diverse (across international boundaries and cultures) , including from within the UK. Entries should outline the organisation’s risk management programme, the development, scope and achievements of its team(s) and the way in which it communicates the risk message to the wider company – and how all of these align with local conditions as well as overall organisational goals. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Barclays

9. Major Capital Projects Award
Robust risk management is essential in ensuring that major capital projects are delivered on time and to budget. With many different parties involved, co-ordination is also a major element. This award recognises a project that has successfully met these criteria and can be considered a major project in its scope. (For example, previous shortlisted projects have included Crossrail, and Balfour Beatty and Skanska’s M25 Upgrade). Enter here
2018 WINNER: Costain Skanska Joint Venture

10. Public Sector Risk Management Award
This category seeks to reward the team that has tackled the inherent risks of operating within a public sector environment. The winning team will be able to demonstrate best practice from which all organisations can learn. In a period where many in this segment have suffered major cuts to budgets, this award is especially well deserved. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Scottish Water

11. ERM Strategy of the Year
Enterprise risk management has moved in recent years from a concept to becoming a vital corporate governance and management tool that responds to the ever-growing need for transparency. This award will recognise the dynamic application of ERM within an organisation through a strategy that has produced tangible results.
Enter here
2018 WINNER: Barnett Waddingham 


12. Risk Management Product of the Year
This category focuses on products and solutions that have delivered real value to organisations and which have possibly spawned imitators, which is the true proof of a ground-breaking innovation. Entrants must be a concept that can be implemented or a technological solution. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Aon

13. Risk Management Specialist Company of the Year
This award will be presented to the company that is dedicated to providing effective risk management solutions to its clients. Entries should detail products, services or projects undertaken and how success was achieved. Judges will award innovation and quality as well as customer service and satisfaction. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Cyber Risk International

14. Cyber Security Product of the Year
This award will be presented to the company whose product most successfully demonstrates their advanced skillset in dealing with the growing threat of cyber risk. Successful submissions will demonstrate the providers understanding of the diversity of this risk, and scalability to respond to the threat as it evolves. Entries may include a demo (of no more than 5 minutes), either provided online or on a single USB. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Acuity Risk Management


15. Best Use of Technology in Risk Management
This award will reflect the ability of an organisation to proactively use technology for delivering recognisable benefits in its management of risk, whether from a vendor or developed in-house. The category is ONLY for technological solutions, and evidence of implementation will be given extra consideration. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Refinitiv – formerly Thomson Reuters F&R  

16. Risk Management Innovation of the Year
Judges are looking for an innovation that has been initiated for the first time since January and that has the potential to change the way in which a segment of risk management can be conducted. This could be a product or a process, but will need to show innovation and original thought. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Zurich Municipal

17. Environmental Risk Initiative of the Year
Open to companies large and small, this category will recognise the initiative that incorporates environmental risk and/or reporting into commercial objectives. Initiatives may include strategies for energy and resource conservation at company locations or resource conservation to effective reporting and response plans in the event of an environmental risk-related incident. Enter here

18. Political Risk Award
The category for outstanding provision of political risk management expertise. Aimed at honouring the provider of political risk management, and the implementation of such strategies, judges will look for details of the identified risks, and information related to the strategies undertaken to mitigate them. Enter here

19. Diversity Award
This award will be presented to the organisation that can demonstrate a commitment to diversity in its risk management activities. Entries should present the organisation’s policy towards diversity in the workplace and demonstrate how this policy is implemented practically in the way that risk management staff are recruited, trained and promoted within the organisation. Entries should demonstrate how the organisation supports and promotes diversity in the context of managing risk. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Lockheed Martin UK RMS

20. International Risk Management Award
This award will be presented to the organisation that can demonstrate that it has built risk management into the very heart of its operations – encompassing the full scope of enterprise risks. Entries should outline the organisation’s risk management programme, the development, scope and achievements of its team(s) and the way in which it communicates the risk message to the wider company – and how all of these align with local conditions. This category is open to companies without a UK office. Enter here

21. Public Safety Award
This award will be presented to the organisation that has demonstrated the most success in developing a product or innovation of any kind that has as its sole focus the safety of the public. Examples may include innovative reporting or warning systems, safety solutions for crowded places or security in the built environment, for instance. Enter here
2018 WINNER: BB7

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