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Thursday 22 February 2024


Choosing ERM Technology and Frameworks

When implementing ERM programs, risk professionals often focus on the choice of a framework and the implementation of heat maps and risk assessments. However, to build a truly sustainable ERM program, one that is embraced by the organization, a different approach is required.

While frameworks and risk assessments are important tools for any ERM program, without the right context, the data they produce will fail to drive change within the organization. This white paper explains how asking the right questions can turn risk assessments into actionable data and linking organizational goals to any framework steps builds buy-in and acceptance.

There are proven methods to avoid getting stuck at a transactional level. These techniques move beyond frameworks and risk assessments and can elevate any ERM program. Instead of being viewed as an annual chore, your ERM program can deliver meaningful data which drives action and measures progress towards key organizational objectives.

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