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Tuesday 17 July 2018


Workplace incidents account for 80pc of Sungard invocations

Written by staff reporter

Issues relating to the office environment are behind a growing number of invocations, according to analysis from Sungard Availability Services. Some eight in ten of their customers’ invocations in 2016 largely stemmed from an increasingly vulnerable physical workplace environment.

The analysis suggests that companies may be in danger of neglecting their physical surroundings, as they focus efforts on ensuring a more robust and secure virtual infrastructure.

Compared with the previous year, the number of invocations resulting from a workplace issue (in which the office is subsequently rendered inaccessible) have grown by 200%. At Sungard, 2016 saw the highest level of environmental issues since the annual analysis began over two decades ago.

Power failures maintain second place as the largest cause of invocation failure in the workplace office environment. These types of invocations are on the rise for the third successive year; in absolute terms increasing 50% on 2015, whilst as a percentage of total workplace outages they now account for one in four failures (24%) up from the one in five impact of previous years 19% (2015) and 18% (2014). With 21st century digital initiatives being power dependent, such failures stand to undermine the very progress organisations seek to achieve as they undergo transformative IT programmes.

Meanwhile, issues arising from communications-related failures have remained at the same level as last year and remain the leading cause of business invocation. Despite challenges such as lengthy disruptions caused by rail strikes, the analysis reveals two areas of concern: that businesses are still not equipping their workforce with reliable means to communicate, whilst investment in appropriately robust communications systems for the workplace lags behind that for IT.

The analysis of Sungard Availability Services’ annual Availability Trends report also shows that whilst technology invocations are maintaining a downward trend, issues relating to hardware failures increased by 140% this year.

Keith Tilley, executive vice-president and vice-chair for Sungard Availability Services added: “In today’s ruthless and fast-paced business environment where customer loyalty can turn on a dime, it is more vital than ever for companies to avoid any reason for customers and employees to look elsewhere. This is easier said than done when the IT environment is increasingly complex and digital skills are at a premium. It’s becoming increasingly impossible for companies to go it alone as they just don’t have the in-house resources and expertise required for such complex IT environments. This is where we can support – providing the much-needed third-party support that allows companies to maintain their position in the market and even look to challenge it through new innovations. Having peace of mind that their IT is in hand gives them the freedom to focus on driving their businesses forward.”

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