Business Continuity/Resilience Team of the Year
Appealing in particular to large corporates, this award aims to recognise the human capital of the business continuity/resilience department across the enterprise, including teams that cross jurisdictions. The award is designed to honour continuous development and the achievements of the team. Excellence in teamwork and communication skills are essential ingredients for success in your industry, and judges will be looking for evidence of these in each entry. The 2,000 word entries will also demonstrate evidence of leadership by the team director.

About xMatters, inc.
xMatters enables any business process or application to trigger two-way communications (text, voice, eMail, SMS etc.) throughout the extended enterprise. Our cloud-based solution allows for enterprise-grade scaling and delivery during time-sensitive events. More than 1,000 leading global firms use xMatters to ensure business operations run smoothly and effectively during incidents ranging from IT failures to product recalls to natural disasters to dynamic staffing to service outages to medical emergencies to supply-chain disruption and so on.

Cloud-based platform for rapid installation and instant scalability
Intelligent alerting routes specific messages to impacted parties: Response teams, Management, Employees, Customers, Partners
Easy integration with existing enterprise systems: employee lists, alerting systems, weather, CRM, dispatch etc.
Supports any form of communication- Voice, eMail, SMS, instant conference bridging
Mobile app and geo capabilities

No coding required. Business-friendly interface for rapid web or mobile communication app development.