Business Continuity/Resilience Strategy of the Year
This award will be judged on an evaluation of the business continuity programme instigated by a company or risk management professional at either a global or domestic level. Recognition will be given to the overall philosophy behind the strategy, the use of innovative techniques and ideas and the success of implementation across the company. Nominations should be submitted in the form of a 2,000 word statement and should include an outline of the nature of the programme instigated. Among the factors considered will be the successful implementation and testing of processes, the effective use of business impact and risk analysis, the installation of a resilience culture, the addressing and management of people issues, and evidence of applicable resources to achieve the above.

Crisis Solutions is Europe’s leading team of crisis resilience specialists - it is our core business. We design crisis resilience training events and conduct crisis rehearsals day-in, day-out. We also have a suit of crisis resilience e-learning courses.

We have developed many of the crisis resilience tools which are currently employed by many of the Europe’s largest organisations. Our clients are successfully using our unique approach to crisis response, such as The ACID TestTM and The Six QuestionsTM, right now.

We are the authors of two British Standards Institute (BSI) books; Exercising for Excellence and Communications Strategies, and advised the UK Cabinet Office on planning guidance in the public sector.

Our client base includes:

• Global retail and investment banks
• Major insurance groups
• Leading supermarket groups and their supply chains
• Food distribution companies
• Wealth management companies
• Global drinks and beverages companies
• Government Departments and Agencies in the UK
and Ireland
• Oil and gas companies
• Energy companies
• Technology, telecommunications and media

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