Business Continuity Consultant of the Year
In judging this category, recognition will be given to practitioners that excel in business continuity, resilience and operational risk management. Among the factors considered will be the use of creative ideas to resolve problems, innovation in the actual techniques used, the instigation of a resilience culture in the organisations worked with, the strengthening of relations between service suppliers, insurers and business continuity and resilience professionals. Applicants might also consider submitting their views on the development of the profession. The 2,000 word entry should include details of the activities of the consultant, past successes and overall strategic philosophy, plus two customer endorsements of 200 words each (in addition to the 2,000 word entry).

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ClearView provides business continuity management software to organisations managing business continuity activities through the full end to end process, from threat assessment/BIA, to plan development and ongoing exercise management. As one of the fastest growing companies in this area internationally and with a global client base, ClearView has established a name for ease of use, simplicity and clarity of purpose. In practice this means that end users find processes and screens clear and intuitive, whilst central administrators have automated processes that enable them to focus on key activities rather than mundane tasks. Together with comprehensive reporting and activity dashboards, there is effective corporate governance and adherence to international standards. This successful approach involves active collaboration with both clients and business continuity consultants with unrivalled industry expertise, resulting in solutions configured to each client’s individual needs, which are practical, flexible, cost-effective and deliver real commercial benefits.

Jon Mitchell, business continuity specialist
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